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>> Thursday, September 5, 2013

If there’s someone whom I owe my knowledge and education it’s my Mom who perseveres hard to see me through college education even though my father suffered from stroke. As a primary teacher then she worked hard to stand as both father and mother to us when my dear father can no longer be as strong as ever. She decided that she will not take any chance of my Dad having second stroke so she didn’t let him work in the Palace anymore. 

My parents gave us good insights of how we should render work and how we should give importance to it as part of our life. When we finally have our own work, my siblings and I prove to be so dedicated and committed. That good upbringing helped us through our milestones in life not just on the personal side but on our dealing with people and our career as well. Such precious parents should be given thanks and appreciation. Since Mom is the only parent we have now she deserves precious jewelries like mothers rings stackable or other beautiful jewelries but she told us that having us is far better than having riches in the world.


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