Ritzy Retirement Communities You Won’t Believe

>> Saturday, January 26, 2013

Some of the ritziest retirement communities in the US are putting a new spin on the phrase “golden years.” In fact, these outrageously luxurious homes and neighborhoods, which are exclusively for the 55-and-over set, might as well come with gilt everything. From comfortable amenities designed to anticipate your every need, to concierge service so that you’re never stuck wondering what to do today, these exceedingly well-appointed spaces – for those who can foot the bill – are more like five-star hotels. Better let LTC Tree know well in advance if this is the kind of living you expect after retirement – and you’d better start saving.  

Vi Living in Palo Alto, California 

Formerly known as Classic Residence by Hyatt, the Palo Alto location of the Vi Living brand of retirement communities is well-situated in the heart of Silicon Valley, on 23 acres of land which provides beautifully-kept gardens and a 2,500 square-foot putting green. Highlights include a state of the art wellness center, full-service spa, three types of dining on-site (casual, bistro and fine dining, all of which offer table service and cuisine prepared by executive chefs) and transport service to nearby Stanford University. The homes are spacious and up-to-date, and entrance fees begin at $720,000 – for the smallest one-bedroom home – with the largest home (three bed and three bath) running you a whopping $9,000 per month. 

Valencia Shores in Lake Worth, Florida 

If California isn’t your thing, then consider the Valencia Shores community in Lake Worth, Florida, where the social calendar is second only to the available clubs on-site (acting, wine or tennis, anyone?). The beautifully-located retirement community also offers its residents salon and spa services, a casual internet cafĂ©, a full athletic club complete with fitness center and all kinds of art classes, like ceramics and watercolor painting. The homes are all massive, come with modern appliances and amenities and start in the $250,000 range, going all the way up to the $600,000 range. 

Trump Park Residences in Westchester County, New York 

If you prefer to experience the four seasons, but you don’t want to sacrifice on style or substance, consider the Trump Park Residences, where the beautiful homes come in many different varieties of floor plans (with charming New Englander names like The Cedar or The Dogwood) and the location allows for vineyard tours, skiing in the winter, strolls by a picturesque lake and a convenient distance from New York City’s museums, restaurants and shops. The best part is that the rental costs are surprisingly affordable for all that you get – starting at $4,000 per month for the largest floor plan.


Marketing Your Brand With Great Graphics

Being in business can be tough. You will be constantly facing all sorts of challenges along the way. One day you may have to deal with a troubled customer, and the next day you may be dealing with the happiest customer in the world. You will also be responsible for a whole lot more. There are things to think about like: advertising, overhead, location, employees and much more. 

When it comes to advertising, things can get a little difficult. How do you know where to put all of your advertising dollars? Which methods of advertising will work best for you? These may seem like difficult questions to answer, but if you just take a quick look around you, you will find the answer.  

Precision Graphics  come to mind. Nothing makes your business stand out from the crowd better than some flashy graphics that can be applied to just about anywhere you can think of. If you are trying to market a name brand, then this is the best way to do it. These types of flashy graphics are really difficult to ignore. The more a person sees your brand or logo in this form, the more likely a person will be to purchase your products or services. 

Locating a company to create this type of advertising material for you should not be all that difficult. Just do a quick search on the Internet, and you should have plenty of results. Just like anything else with your business, pay close attention to pricing. Make sure that the company you choose to provide you with graphics will fit within your advertising budget. The whole idea is to get more exposure at a smaller cost. Keeping your costs down in this are will help you do just that. 

This is just one great way to get your business a little more exposure. If you are a little bit creative, you should have no problems finding plenty more.


A Must in Organizing Events

In every event especially in concerts or special musical programs it’s best to have the finest equipment to maximize sound system and to make the occasion even more festive. I remember attending an event which is very special but the program failed somehow because the event host can’t be heard clearly. He had a hard time organizing the games and programs because the speakers they used had a trouble. 

I felt sorry for them but they should check all of their equipment and musical accessories first before they start the program. They should also make sure that they get high quality instruments and accessories like the best JBL PA Speakers because they’re the heart of every program or event as they constitute the background and the overall music. Next time I know they would check everything and hopefully invest on high quality instruments so they would not miss anything.


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