:Food Friday - Ampalaya Con Tofu

>> Friday, April 17, 2009

Glad I'm back here after a month. I've been busy with so many activities and most of my schedules falls on a Friday making it possible for me to join this meme I come to love. Anyway my entry for this week is my favorite Ampalaya which I cooked this time with breaded tofu, it's my own original recipe made healthier by not mixing any meat content.

Tofu was dipped in a a mixture of water and soy sauce then breaded before frying. Ampalaya was cooked the normal way except that breaded fried tofu was mixed after the egg unlike when you use pork meat. For me it's more delicious and for the health-conscious and dieters you can say it's the best alternative. Ampalaya is my weekly recipe to give me what I need for my low blood supplement.

Try it guys and I'm sure you'll love it! Happy Food Friday to all, enjoy your weekend!


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