Spending Long Weekends Near the Mountains

>> Saturday, June 23, 2012

I love weekends because we’re all free from work and school activities. This is the only time that family can eat, play and bond together for the whole day without the pressure of workload and assignments from school. On other times we would spend the weekends in my MIL’s house because they’re located near the mountains and going there is like having a vacation in the province except that it only takes us more than an hour to be there. When we go there for a couple of days on long weekends we pack our clothes, personal things and extra foam mattress so we can sleep comfortably anywhere in that house. 

The whole ground floor of the house is air-conditioned so sleeping on foams on any corner of the house would be so comfortable and convenient. They just turned it on when we’re there as it would be so costly to have the whole house air-conditioned and we only do that on hot or summer days. Anyway when you go outside at night you’ll feel the cold breeze around the area and it’s not that surprising because they live near the mountains. The kids love the place and when they’re free from homework on long weekends we grab the opportunity to spend our free time there.


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