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>> Thursday, October 22, 2009

Do you have a sweet tooth? Well for kids the answer can be yes as you’ll notice they’re excited every time they see candies and chocolates. I know this because I have three kids and they really love delicious confections and sweet treats. I let them eat sweets but remind them that they should balance it with other foods for health reasons. How could I deprive them of these things when I love chocolates and confections too! So I can say we have a sweet tooth, the whole family I think! We’re just lucky that every now and then we received packages containing our favorite chocolates from my SIL who lives in Trent G.B. and some others from friends who love to give delicious treats to my kids especially to Josh whose charm works for many people. My Mom’s friends used to give him delicious cookies and chocolates when they visit her and he loves it.

My friends told me that it’s better to buy bulk candy if you need big volumes of sweet treats for occasion or for gift-giving on holidays. It’s nice to give candies and chocolates on holidays because almost everyone loves it. I know my SIL buy bulk candy too when she shop for her balikbayan package because it’s cheaper and she’ll save a lot of money when she do it. I’ve been thinking of doing this also when I need for occasion giveaways and I know Sugar Stand has all the best sweet treats and delicious confections for all members of the family with its healthy snacks, bulk candy, chocolate candy bars, lollipops and many delicious items.

Bulk orders are good also for company events, fundraising programs, party, wedding and some other occasion that needs giveaways. Sugar Stand online store will never be short of sweet treats and fun snacks for all occasion so it’s best to browse their site and choose what you like. Remember to buy in bulk and save money!


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