:Food Friday - Kinilaw na Bangus

>> Friday, February 5, 2010

I'd like to share what we had last January 1 when we had our swimming in Pansol, Calamba, Laguna. The ministers contributed for two dishes for their lunch together and this is one of the two recipes. My Mom don't do this almost raw food in our house but I really like it so I watched while one of my co-sisters in the church do this Kilawing Bangus (Raw Milkfish cooked in vinegar for my English readers).

To have this (1) you need milkfish fillet cut into cubes and soaked in vinegar to cook the meat no need to put fire just set aside. Then (2) mix small cuts of ginger, tomatoes, onions, garlic, pinch of sat, dash of pepper, small chili pepper (optional) and MSG (optional). After the milkfish turned pale from soaking in vinegar it's considered as cooked already and you can mix it with the spices' mixture done in step 2. Pour vinegar to the final mixture, taste it for additional salt or vinegar then it's all ready for picnic lol!

Have done it myself in our home and will post my own version of this with salted eggs!


New Career Path in Business

My cousin resigned from her job in the city and decided to put up a small business in our hometown province. She’s a licensed engineer and very dedicated to her profession but she suddenly longed for a different career path close to her family. She was living with us in one of our upper rooms for the last several years and she only comes home twice a month. She’s been with her employer for so many years but when the company changed management she decided not to continue with the new one. She has many plans for her career but decided to start a small meat products’ business while waiting for her plans to materialize.

When she finally arranged her early retirement she search for moving company that accepts long distance travel like
cross country movers to help her transfer her appliances, documents and all her things from our place to their house in the province. It was her friends in the province that finally helped her arrange and transfer all her belongings. Now she’s settled in her hometown with her family and with a booming business that she’s managing very well.


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