Daddy's Day

>> Sunday, June 15, 2008

Its' father's day and because it's a Sunday also we spent the whole day at the church. We earlier planned to have lunch at gateway mall but since we have afternoon activities we changed our plan. We decided to have dinner in Tiendesitas but after rounding it and also that of SM Hypermart the kids requested that they just want to eat at Jollibee. They said that after almost 30 minutes of rounding the place.

Anyway what's important is the kids' preferences more than anything because hubby and me can go to any place we want on our special anniversary occasions. This one is for our family so we settled for our kids' choice. Since we can't find any branch at the place we went to the nearby station.

Celebrating Father's Day is a simple occasion for us, just a simple eat-together kind is enough as long as we're happy together. As we prayed before eating we thanked God that He has given us a good father and husband. I prayed that He'll always protect my hubby in whatever he do. I personally thanked God that He gave us a caring and responsible father and a husband that's so loving and understanding. Ed has also been a very good minister in the church and always do his best to keep our family in the bosom of God's love and care.


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