: Food Friday - Birthday Cake

>> Friday, January 23, 2009

This a left-over cake from hubby's birthday yesterday! It's from Goldilocks and my kids love the three-layered cake with different flavors of choco, strawberry and vanilla as can be seen in the pic above! It's also the cake of my daughter Gen on her last birthday January 12 this year! Actually they love the taste of this Neapolitan Cake the reason why I bought again for hubby's birthday! They want a repeat performance lol!

Happy Friday to all! Enjoy your weekend;)


Healthy Mommies!

Early in the morning I was surprised to see my cousin Jhing who’s living now in ParaƱaque. We grew up together because we live close by, just a wall apart. When she got married she transferred to where her husband resides but she decided to entrust her daughter to her mother until now that her daughter is studying. Every weekends and holidays she visits and stays with her kid but sometimes she extends her stay for some reasons.

I was surprised to see her because it’s the middle of the week wherein she seldom dropped by her mom’s house. She told me that she’s alone in their house because her husband and kids went to the province. She wasn’t allowed by her boss to take a leave so she just stayed in her mom’s house for company. Oh well I really miss her bubbly and nerve-cracking ways when we’re just singles.

We were both mothers now and very healthy indeed, well I should say we’ve gained pounds. She told me she’s drinking some green tea to help her loose unwanted pounds and I can’t help but suggest that maybe she needs not just tea but some kind of fat burner like Fenphedra. She welcomed the idea but said she’ll think it over. Maybe she’ll try it for comparison.


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