On Food Memes and My New Site

>> Friday, July 23, 2010

I skipped playing on Food Friday and Food Trip Friday today because I was so busy and I'm planning to transfer those meme to my new home and health blog. I'm not blogging my new blog up to this time because I want it to have content first before viewing. My Crossroads was primarily created for career, work, human resource, my hobbies and recreation. Since it includes hobbies I included some of my original recipes here and joined food memes using this blog.

Next Friday I'm going to join my favorite food blog community meme on my new blog FEEL AT HOME where you'll find some home, health, kitchen tips, ideas and more. I was glad to be able to launch my new blog for viewing last week and now I'm gaining traffic for it. Feel free to visit me anytime there, you're always welcome.


Comment on Sourcebits Review

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This blog talks about everything about career, job and human resource. It also shares about hobbies, sports and travel. Several years in corporate world taught me a lot of things about life and work and I'm sharing all of these here.

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