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>> Monday, August 17, 2009

VenueInduction of General PTCA officers by Hon. Mayor Mon IlaganShort speech by Hon. Gov. Casimiro Ynares Jr.
Our group Grade V-1 level (before induction)During induction

We had the first ever induction of officers where all homeroom officers from all grade level and section were included not just the usual general PTCA officers. The only difference is that the general PTCA were inducted on the stage and all homeroom were there offstage because we're 200 plus in numbers. All previous induction only includes general PTCA officers but since we're aiming for a general project which we're requesting from our municipality and provincial desk we organized a rare occasion like this.

We're assigned in the food committee which made it more difficult for us in grade V level (orange group) because we didn't expected a very big crowd and we used all our budgeting skills and talents to serve the foods to them. Oh boy that's too much! I was tired from head to toes! Lucky that one of us cooked baked macaroni for our food after the event or else we're gonna be starved. Though we're tired and haggard after the event and dismayed that I didn't get a pic with mayor and young governor we were happy enough. We were laughing happily at our faults and experiences in serving the food. We'll get more organized and possibly better next time! Next time? Hope we'll not be in the food committee again :-) Wishes!

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Feeling Healthy with Proper Diet

When my resignation was approved and I was asked to at least stay for one whole month to turn over my work I felt very happy and can’t believe that after one year and 2 months my request for resignation was finally approved. I didn’t want to leave the company without the true approval of my boss, that’s actually the reason why it took me so long to realize my dream.

I planned my last one month to be my most hectic days but it’s not until I have reached my half month that I finally had the time to do it all. Bad thing about me is that if I’m overworked I eat a lot too, may be that’s my rebelling moments of my overstressed mind. I’m thinking then how to lose belly fat without enrolling in a gym class or without proper exercises. Then I thought of adopting fruit and vegetables’ diet and now I can say I’m starting to lose some pounds as weeks go by. I’m happy with my adopted diet plan as I’m feeling healthy everyday with what I’m eating.


Finest Inspirational Music

It’s nice to do blogging while listening to inspirational music, it gives me lots of ideas to write and makes my day inspiring too. I was by the way accompanied by Josh as his preparatory classes ended at 10am. After doing all his assignments by my side he’ll choose among the CDs we have, his favorite is Don Moen’s songs, of course one of my favorite also. He’s very happy with our new JVC components and not a day passes that he’ll go over our Christian CDs to listen and sing along.

Actually I play all my CDs in my PC while I’m doing online jobs and blogging but lately I’m not getting the finest sounds I want from my PC speaker so we decided to buy the mentioned components which was on sale at around 60% off the original price from Automatic Center in North Edsa. It's not the best and the latest model but it's what we only need, no more no less. It was a good buy for us and we used credit card at 6-months plan with no interest rate. Great deals right?


All You Need To Get Insured

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I have a friend who forgot to update his insurance so when the car met an accident hitting 4 vehicles in a row he’s in great dilemma on where he’ll get all the finances to pay all his victims. That accident resulted in him paying for the cost of motorcycles and cars which was a real pain in his pocket. If only he’s paid his car insurance on time he will not be in a bad situation. Anyway he told me that his car insurance is very expensive the reason why he failed paying for it. Now he’s learned his lesson and is now looking for the best car insurance rates and found Car Insurance Ireland while he’s browsing the net. The site is a great help to him as they have details on the most important things in insurance like the fast and easy way to get insured, claiming your benefits and the discounts available.

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