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>> Monday, August 17, 2009

It’s nice to do blogging while listening to inspirational music, it gives me lots of ideas to write and makes my day inspiring too. I was by the way accompanied by Josh as his preparatory classes ended at 10am. After doing all his assignments by my side he’ll choose among the CDs we have, his favorite is Don Moen’s songs, of course one of my favorite also. He’s very happy with our new JVC components and not a day passes that he’ll go over our Christian CDs to listen and sing along.

Actually I play all my CDs in my PC while I’m doing online jobs and blogging but lately I’m not getting the finest sounds I want from my PC speaker so we decided to buy the mentioned components which was on sale at around 60% off the original price from Automatic Center in North Edsa. It's not the best and the latest model but it's what we only need, no more no less. It was a good buy for us and we used credit card at 6-months plan with no interest rate. Great deals right?


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