Things that Qualifies You to Job Opportunities

>> Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Getting a college degree qualifies you to a lot of job opportunities but it’s more than just education to land a good paying and stable job. Your education is a good pass to try your best to reach your goal and enter the corporate world but it takes more of what you got because work is different than schooling. I realized this when I started working because after a few years of working it’s my skills, perseverance and experience that qualifies me to various job opportunities that I didn’t imagine having. 

Most of my jobs were not in line with my college degree and I was just thankful that I was given an opportunity by my employer to be trained in such kind of jobs as Accounting Supervisor, Billing Officer, Administrative and HR officer. Who would have thought that I will qualify for the jobs that I didn’t studied in college. Well anyone can be trained for a different job like mine or in sales like agents for sunny isles real estate but it’s your interest and dedication that will enrich your knowledge and skills. In the end the value of your job gives you the qualification for future job opportunities.


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