Accomplishing Work By Trying Out First

>> Saturday, November 23, 2013

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There are many people who succeed in life more than anyone has accomplished and you want to know their secrets? I know a man who was my employer for many years who succeeded in more than one business because he has the ability to try whatever he thinks would be best for his planned business. I’ve observed that very special character of him that made him very successful in whatever goal he had in mind. He always tries until he sees good future ahead of his new business. 

He actually imparted his trait to me never accepting no when he gives me a job outside my field of expertise and knowledge. He’s the one who trained and taught me that everything can be learned. He made an Accounting Supervisor, a Human Resource and Billing officer even when I had no knowledge of those departments. He taught me everything that a college degree would not fill me.

I’m so grateful that he never gave up on me until I learned everything.  He never takes no for an answer when he want me to try on a new task and job. All my accomplishment in life began with my decision to try what he wants me to learn and work on.


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