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>> Friday, June 4, 2010

Here's one favorite recipe of mine which is complete for me, vegetable and your choice of meat. You can mix the veggies with chicken liver, chicken meat or pork. But if you want to make it without meat I have my original recipe of adding tofu chicharon which you make by frying breaded tofu and sprinkling cold water on it. Then you can just put it on top and around the cooked chopsuey. For me it's best to have chicken liver and tofu, it's cheaper too.

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Quality and Eco-Friendly Printing Services

My former office deals with selling international phone cards and termination calls. To promote our business we always have a need for brochure printing that we’re sending and giving to those clients that our sales and marketing staff come to meet. Brochures are great aid for introducing the company and products which the client can see the company’s scope of business, services, products and contact numbers. It must project a good image for the company so it must be printed in high quality to ensure best marketing results.

When you want to mail your company’s credential and introduce the best of your services and products you might as well need a good postcard printing because full-color beautiful postcards are known to be the most effective and economical way of sending your advertisement and promos to your clients. It’s a great advantage if your postcards will stand out among other companies in your client’s mailbox.

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Food Concessions

Our church is renting a room in one of the buildings where at the ground floor lies food franchise company that offers different kinds of franchises depending on the food you want to sell. They have variety of small concession trailers for sale each with logo and design of the food you want to sell such as waffles, hotdogs, fried noodles, empanada, burgers, tacos and many others.

When I resigned from my office work I thought of getting a franchise of one food concession trailer but I opt to think and plan before venturing into a new business. I have to plan where to put the trailer, the staff that I will hire to manage and the target customers of the business. There are many things to be considered when putting up a business no matter how small it is.

Well I have browsed upon a company who takes pride in doing these crafts. Custom Concessions build high quality concession trucks made especially in the strictest quality control to easily pass the health inspection department. They have variety of floor plans and various options for the customers to choose from. They design and build trailers for kitchen, bathroom, restroom, living quarter and food trucks. Visit their site to see their photo gallery of products.


They Just Love Spaghetti!

Since DH is on a week vacation before his classes I’m always thinking of recipes so he can enjoy his vacation more. We’re a family that loves pasta and since I have stocked my pantry with some ingredients I made our afternoon snack and dinner to our kids’ delight also. They always tell me that it’s one of my master recipes so I really make it my worth to make my spaghetti more yummy and something that they will ask for more lol!

I don’t want to advertise on products but I really love Hunts spaghetti sauce whatever the flavor is and when they asked me how they can cook their spaghetti as yummy as mine I’ll teach them to use my brand and give them the exact measurement for every kilo that they want to cook.

Well I have other brand aside from the one I’m using just in case I run out of stock or the grocer run out of stock but I really prefer Hunts for my kids’ taste. I also love white sauce pasta but my kids love red-sauce ones so I cook it more often.


Reasons for Getting Stomach Fat

It’s a common problem for women who gave birth to have a fat tummy or big stomach. I remembered that every time I gave birth by caesarean delivery I always find it hard to have stomach weight loss because we weren’t allowed to have exercise within one to two months and if ever we’re allowed after the second month it will be just the simple warm up exercises and nothing to make the tummy smaller. For those who had a normal birth delivery it’s easier to gain back the old slender form because they were allowed to exercise sooner although I’ve seen many of them still have fat stomach also.

Anyway it’s just not because of giving birth but some habits like sitting long in your chair too long, jobs that require people to sit for hours without time to stand up, lack of regular exercise or exercises that will not lessen the fat in your tummy, laziness in moving around the house and many other habit that slowly contributes to big stomach. Well it’s not that bad if you’re married because they will just ask if you’re pregnant but with the single ladies it would embarrass them to hear those words lol!


Tempted to Eat

We’re all complete in the house since Wednesday and I’m slowly moving away from my cleansing diet. I don’t know now if I’ll need diet pills in few weeks’ time. I’m taking half cup of rice at lunch and dinner and can’t do something about it because it feels so good to eat when DH is at home. I can’t go on with eating veggies and fruits alone because I’m inspired to cook different pork and chicken recipes everyday. It’s always nice to cook for the whole family and eat with them too. so there goes my healthy meal diet plan. I’ll try to get back to eating fish, veggies and fruits only next week after hubby’s vacation.


What One Word Describes You?

You Are Enthusiastic

You have a zest for life, and you're always finding something new to be excited about.
You have an amazing imagination, and unlike most people you tend to put your ideas into action.

You're always looking to improve yourself. You never stop learning or growing.
You are true to yourself and never a phony. You are always completely honest with people.

This is really true, life is something that you need to be excited about. There are lots of things to do, to imagine, to dream and to thank for. You just have to put your imaginative ideas into action to feel the excitement of life. We really have to learn more and never stop educating ourselves in the fields we never walked before. I'm planning to study again but not to have mastery on my finished degree but to learn baking. For me it's better to study what you didn't learn from college and I can also use it to become a full-pledged super Mom, don't you think so?


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