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>> Friday, June 4, 2010

My former office deals with selling international phone cards and termination calls. To promote our business we always have a need for brochure printing that we’re sending and giving to those clients that our sales and marketing staff come to meet. Brochures are great aid for introducing the company and products which the client can see the company’s scope of business, services, products and contact numbers. It must project a good image for the company so it must be printed in high quality to ensure best marketing results.

When you want to mail your company’s credential and introduce the best of your services and products you might as well need a good postcard printing because full-color beautiful postcards are known to be the most effective and economical way of sending your advertisement and promos to your clients. It’s a great advantage if your postcards will stand out among other companies in your client’s mailbox.

To get the best quality printing for your brochures, postcards and business cards visit conquestgraphics.com where you can experience a one-stop shop for all your marketing communication needs. They offer offset printing, digital printing, graphic design, photography, website design and many more. They also protect the environment and employ green printing methods in their services. They practice eco-friendly operations and has been certified by FSC. Now with all of these great features from them you can have free business cards from them if you let their graphic logo and contact information is printed at the back of the cards.


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