They Just Love Spaghetti!

>> Friday, June 4, 2010

Since DH is on a week vacation before his classes I’m always thinking of recipes so he can enjoy his vacation more. We’re a family that loves pasta and since I have stocked my pantry with some ingredients I made our afternoon snack and dinner to our kids’ delight also. They always tell me that it’s one of my master recipes so I really make it my worth to make my spaghetti more yummy and something that they will ask for more lol!

I don’t want to advertise on products but I really love Hunts spaghetti sauce whatever the flavor is and when they asked me how they can cook their spaghetti as yummy as mine I’ll teach them to use my brand and give them the exact measurement for every kilo that they want to cook.

Well I have other brand aside from the one I’m using just in case I run out of stock or the grocer run out of stock but I really prefer Hunts for my kids’ taste. I also love white sauce pasta but my kids love red-sauce ones so I cook it more often.


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