:Food Friday - Birthday Cake

>> Friday, August 21, 2009

Will have to pass the weekly nutritional foods now as I'm posting my eldest Ruth's birthday cake. It's a chocolate cake which is so yummy but not so sweet that's why you'll be back for more and more and more.... This one was not from any other famous bakeshop because I've only ordered it in our neighborhood community bakeshop. The whole family loves cake so in every birthday that we had cake would always be in the center of the birthday feast. Enjoy the pic!
Happy Food Friday to all, see other yummy foods here!


Sell Gold for Cash

During the older generation of our ancestors gold is the representation of how rich the families are. They invest on these precious metals for keepsake, for inheritance, gifts and for many other things. Some regard it as a kind of financial status that the more gold you have the more stable is your family. Now that era was gone but people tend to look up to gold as a viable investment that will give them profitable income in the coming years.

As gold is not only precious but beautiful as well gold jewelries are the most common thing that most people pawned when they need quick money. That way they can redeem it anytime they want. It’s a different thing when you sell gold as there are lots of things to consider and learn on how to sell gold for cash. One must know the value of gold and the price corresponding it in order to have a good selling out of it. There are many sites like Cash 4 Gold which provides tips, guidelines and all information that will help you in buying and selling gold online.

Planning to sell your unwanted jewelries online? Find out Cash 4 Gold's road to success for consumers by reading some of the testimonials of satisfied customers.


Gen Joined Chess Tournament

Gen was again busy with her extracurricular activities these days but this time she’s into sports and she’s joined the chess elimination in her school, luckily she passed and started competing last Wednesday. And oh she made me buy her a new big chess board and gave her old small one to Josh which she’s training also. If you can see them playing you’ll laugh out loud as Josh always want to take all the soldiers (poon) and he doesn’t care about the king lol! He knows the entire move and the rules but he told that those are his favorites.

Well anyway as of this day Gengen have 2 loses and 2 wins and she’s happy that she was sure to have additional grades as her teachers in Science and Math promised to give them incentives or additional extra curricular points once they win once or twice in 7 rounds. At home we all played games with her to practice her moves and I can see that she was very happy with it. >Win or lose I’ll give her a price!


Modify Your Loan

With the current economic crisis going on here and abroad people tend to have more loan applications than before. It is becoming a fast solution to finance shortage which in the end can cause headaches in payments. Some lenders really have the capacity to investigate and study how much the borrower can afford to repay the loan but others don’t so in the process after some period problem with payments arises.

Most often the borrowers overestimate their financial capacity to pay and end up using their entire paycheck to pay the mortgage, so how about their daily and basic expenses? And what if something happens like emergency cases of sickness, death or loss of job. That’s the start of the borrower’s dilemma leading to bad credits which is not good for both the borrower and the lender. If you happen to encounter this kind of problem all you need is loan modification to help recover your debts and in the process meet your ability to pay monthly mortgage to avoid foreclosure of properties.

Well I came upon McFarlin & Geurts which provides expertise on loan restructure and can give you the best terms for modifying your loan. They do it with their group of experts who knows and understands the loan proceedings and regulations. In the process you’ll soon have a more flexible payment terms which will not deprive you of finances for your family’s basic needs.


I Paint the World with Bright Colors

I'm an optimistic person and don't want to be intimidated by life's problems and if ever there's one that comes my way I face it with God's help. Being a christian help you see life in bright perspective and all christians should be setting a positive example. Here's some tests to show how I paint the world.

You Paint the World with Bright Colors

You are a true artist. You are very creative.

Your friends can count on you to be playful. You always know how to have fun!

You are a truly friendly person ... though sometimes you can be a bit jealous.

You are laid back and relaxed. Nothing really gets to you.


Helping A Drug Addict Quit

Have you ever known a drug dependent person and care enough to listen to what he has to say? You’ll feel sympathy towards them as most of them had a bad childhood or experienced worst situation in their lives. I should know because I had a first hand experience of knowing one drug addict. A close relative of mine who used to be a good boy when he was young with a remarkable talent in his hands suffered insecurities and uncertainty in life that he resorted to drug to console him. A part of his dependency was mainly due to peer pressure, he was convinced by his friends who earlier tried taking drugs and being problematic then he readily succumbed to temptations.

I’ve read a lot of stories and write ups about the life of drug addicts and I agree on some of their conclusions. Most of drug dependent people are those who have weak personalities and some has not been given enough time to voice out their problems to their parents. It’s hard to admit but parents play a major factor in a child’s dependency in drugs but I must also say this is not applicable to some families.

If you have encountered having relatives or a member of your family who resorted to drugs and became dependent on it you can do something to help them. Just always remember that it’s not the end of the world for them, you can help a drug addict quit by getting some information on how you can start changing their lives from the mess they entered. You can start by choosing the right treatment center available who can really give the right medication, treatment and rehabilitation programs to your loved ones. I recommend those centers that have staff that truly understands what drug addiction is all about.


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