Gen Joined Chess Tournament

>> Friday, August 21, 2009

Gen was again busy with her extracurricular activities these days but this time she’s into sports and she’s joined the chess elimination in her school, luckily she passed and started competing last Wednesday. And oh she made me buy her a new big chess board and gave her old small one to Josh which she’s training also. If you can see them playing you’ll laugh out loud as Josh always want to take all the soldiers (poon) and he doesn’t care about the king lol! He knows the entire move and the rules but he told that those are his favorites.

Well anyway as of this day Gengen have 2 loses and 2 wins and she’s happy that she was sure to have additional grades as her teachers in Science and Math promised to give them incentives or additional extra curricular points once they win once or twice in 7 rounds. At home we all played games with her to practice her moves and I can see that she was very happy with it. >Win or lose I’ll give her a price!


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