My Walking Trips and Buddies

>> Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I’d like to revive my daily walking exercise I had when I was still working in an office located inside White Plains in Quezon City. It’s hard to enter the village with their service vehicle so I just enter the shortest route and walk from there. It’s nice walking especially on early mornings because it serves as an exercise too. I just wished I had something like that of Spenco insole products because they will make walking so much more comfortable and easy even if I’ll have several walking trips.

Anyway I had eight years of my life walking there on early mornings and late afternoons on my way going home. It was fun on the afternoons because I have walking buddies and sometimes we would stop by and have barbecues or stop at the end where fast food restaurants are located. We would have some yummy snack before riding our vehicle going home. One of my walking buddies is working in East Timor now and I terribly miss her.


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