5 Easy Ways to Motivate Your Employees

>> Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Part of being a good boss or manager is knowing how to get your employees motivated. Without motivation, the operations of the business can quickly fall apart, and you will not have as much productivity in the office space. What are some easy ways to get employees' levels of motivation up?

Play Music

If you are going for a run or doing a workout at the gym, don't you feel more motivated when music is playing in the background? For some reason, tunes and beats seem to have that magical power over us. In the mornings, play some music to get everyone motivated and started for the day. Depending upon the nature of the work, you may need to turn it down later.

Be Excited and Inspirational

When you are constantly moping around work, the negative energy is going to be dispelled to your employees. Instead of having a bad attitude about everything, try to look on the positive side. As you are speaking to your employees about the goals and plans for the company, make sure you are excited. If they see that you are excited, then they might become inspired to take more pride in their work.

Have Rewards

While placing a gold sticker on a board every time someone performs a positive act is unlikely to work for a group of adults, you can set up some sort of reward system. For example, let's say that you have a huge project to be completed by the end of the week. Promise your team that if the job is done by the end of the day on Friday, you will take all of them out for some drinks and snacks after the work day has ended.

Give Them Raises

Of course, you cannot constantly be throwing money around, but you do need to respect the work that your employees do. Try the best that you can to make raises a regular part of the lives of many of your employees. For example, you might offer raises on a yearly basis or even twice a year. Be sure to consider how the cost of living has increased. If the raise is covering only the increased cost of living, then it is not doing much to keep your employees motivated.

Both Sides of a Critique

As a boss or manager, you certainly do need to provide your employees with some criticism and ways to improve from time to time. However, you also should let them know what they are doing well. Explain how they can use their positive qualities to fix up some of the problem areas they are having. It's important to point out that the strength to resolve a problem can come from within.
As you can see, it is simple to motivate your employees. Try out these tips in your office in Adelaide over the next few months, and you are sure to see a difference.


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