Meeting Associates Through Video Conferencing

>> Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Most of the office I’ve worked with deals with suppliers and clients abroad and we maximize use of the internet to communicate. I remember being an international carrier settlement officer in my past job which necessitates me to email, talk or chat with the clients to order, give services and to collect and pay. I was very glad that online communications are made possible because it has made my work easier. It would be so hard if we would only talk to them on international call whenever we need anything or fly abroad for a requested meeting. Now it’s easier for businesses and companies to deal with clients with the use of Video Conferencing , the latter being the most common scenario among offices today. You don’t need for your client’s schedule of meetings in their companies. All you need to know is his availability for a couple of hours and you’ll be able to meet via video meeting.

Cook and Wiley  provides video conferencing in the Central Virginia area. They provide their clients with free usage of their conference room featuring the highly innovated video conferencing technology with Polycom VSX7000 camera and 37 inch plasma TV, IP-based service connection and ISDN phone system. This perfect setup place for video conference allows the user to do meetings, interviews and conferencing without leaving their area. No need to travel and spend money and time just to meet business associates abroad. Now communications can be done faster and easier maximizing online capabilities at affordable costs.


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