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>> Thursday, January 28, 2010

I heard the news yesterday night that the PAF Nomad plane has crashed on some houses in subdivision in Cotabato City causing death among the passengers, pilots and crew of the said plane. It also caused fire and great damages on the properties where the plane accidentally landed. It’s rather tragic to hear that news as many of that Nomad plane has suffered the same fate in the past years. Now flying of the Nomad plane was suspended until investigations were over. As for me I wouldn’t ride anymore on that Nomad plane as it’s already proven from the numerous accidents suffered by the plane that it’s not safe anymore. That’s only my opinion. I don’t usually write things like this one but I pity the families of those passengers especially their kids. It must be so sad for them.

Our government should look into the planes we are purchasing from other countries as maybe some of them are not perfect in performance. Well I’m not in a position to talk about this but I’m just concerned. Speaking of performance I happened to surf some high performance aircrew Helmets New U.S. Military which even from the looks only you can tell its high quality and advanced design. I wonder if our government could provide some of it to our own Air Force staff. I’m just wondering of course as I’m just awed by its features and qualities and dreaming that our own air force would have advanced technology gadgets.


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