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>> Wednesday, June 6, 2012

This school year marks the start of K+12 curriculum extending the grade level of schoolers to enhance the level of learning for students. I learned from the graduation speech of one educator that we’re one of the three countries who practice the old curriculum so they’re changing it now for education enhancement. I was convinced by his assurance that after the additional grade levels students who graduate high school will be equipped with knowledge and skills that will be able to land them a job so they will have a chance to work while studying in college or if they will not pursue college education they will have the skills to work.

This is true because these days they also practice ladderized education which is very helpful to those who can’t continue a 4 or 5-year college degree course. This way they can graduate in two years and will decide if they will continue it to 4 years or if they don’t want to study further they can have apt credentials to work. Well it depends on your inclination or prospect job, now if you want to learn beauty services you can consider Austin cosmetology school because they offer a good learning phases in beauty schooling. They provide workshop where you learn basics then rehearsal to fine-tune your skills and performance where the students will be able to sharpen their skills and apply everything that they learned from the school. This kind of learning will guarantee a good education that will land them a good job in the line of beauty services. 

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