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>> Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I’ve been blogging several months back that we’re always hiring a cab whenever we attend Sunday fellowship church service and how it’s giving us headache most of the times. Cab drivers are sometimes abusive of their passengers. Some of them have tampered meters that give us inaccurate high meter reading. Well aside from the meter problem most of the taxi drivers would talk to us to add certain amount of money aside from the flag down rate and the meter reading. That’s too much and if you don’t agree with them they will not let you hire them. It’s illegal and we can’t do something about it but be patient to find someone that will not ask for a big amount. This happens when we’re going home as it’s easier to hire a taxi or cab from our location going to our church. My friends know compro auto usate if there are available that I want but for several months after selling the car I still can’t find the right one for us.

DH and I are actually looking for a big compartment car that we can carry on our long travel to highlands on summer and December camp meeting. We need the big compartment for our clothing, beddings and food supplies for straight four days. I found one on current vendita auto usate but found it inappropriate for our specific needs until my brother offered his pickup car to us. It was the kind of car we want because it has big compartment at the back and it has a top cover which makes it very useful for our luggage and can be used also for extra passengers. 

Looking back my brother bought it from the shop that sells pre-owned cars just like auto usate milano  of Garagedelparco.com, a company that has an expertise in the ins and outs of buying and selling of cars. Well this is only a part of their company services because they also provide car assessment, leasing repayment, purchase in cash and off-road car. They’ve been in that kind of services since 1978 and still on their best service performance.


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