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>> Friday, August 3, 2012

Our Accounting officer will have our premium contributions encoded and she asked me to buy her a separate flash disk for the particular agency as she didn’t know if she will leave it there. She’s now segregating files for submission to different agencies as there are instances that flash drive get lost or they will asked to leave the flash drive and just come back to get it. She’s also using it to submit our payroll to our bank so it would not be possible. I’ve canvassed the most affordable brand and got myself a good buy for a 4 GB flash disk, made to think also of buying two more for personal usage of my two daughters so they can have extra USB for their assignments. 

Since I’m always buying electronic devices and gadgets for the office I joked about when will I going to purchase apple ipod nano for the office. Of course we don’t have use for that in the office but I would love to have it for my personal use lol! I have collection of inspirational and Christian music that I would like to store if ever I’ll be able to buy one.


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