Vendor Accreditation and Performance Evaluation

>> Wednesday, July 25, 2012

In our topic for new vendor meeting yesterday we discussed the objectives and responsibilities, accreditation requirements, composition of accreditation team, classification of suppliers and revocation of accreditation. Actually we’ve passed through some of it when we applied for accreditation but it’s good to know the classification of suppliers where we must strive to aim for the preferred or certified supplier. But now that we’re only new we only have an accredited supplier category so when we reached 5 years or more maybe we could reach the coveted level in the company. 

We also talked about the vendor performance evaluation where we were informed of objectives and the evaluation committee’s responsibilities. Evaluation criteria were also tackled where category as either Project related or Regular transactions were explained. In every evaluation it is expected that each company should aim for a good rating on their performances and these were discussed further.


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