My Kids Complete Me

>> Saturday, January 15, 2011

Being a Mom completes me. I have the love of my parents, siblings, husband, relatives and friends but my children complete my daily existence. They’re my inspiration in my work and I’m sure without them I can never be as workaholic as I am because when I think of their future that’s where I get my energy for working so hard. I love them and I’ll do everything good for them. I know most Moms would agree that our wish is to give them the best possible things. This is the reason that after giving birth we try to give them our breast-milk which is the best milk for babies. Through their growing up years we don’t just give them healthy foods but we also give them love, care and guidance to help them live their lives in the right direction. When they grow old and start to have a family of their own I want them to raise and nurture their kids in the way I have loved and cared for them.


Best Job Ever

My girls used a different soap from what we always use and I noticed that Ruth’s skin became dry from using it. Slowly I’m beginning to see my kids’ sensitivity to various things that they used. It’s a big difference now that they’re on their teenage years than when they’re toddlers and little girls. I really have to learn more from their skin reactions to different brands of soap, lotion and creams. I’m glad that I work in the convenience of our home and was able to monitor everything about them. For me it’s a great privilege to be able to earn your living by working online at home. I can never exchange it for any corporate job that offers big career promotion. Being with my kids always and be able to take care of them is a big bonus in itself that I can proudly say I found the best job ever.


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