Working ‘Til Dawn

>> Thursday, June 3, 2010

I don’t want to work early morning today because the busy schedule and plenty of works got the best of me and I suddenly felt tired and weak. Yes just like a battery I felt drained due to many activities in the past few weeks. Anyway I didn’t feel any resentment as those busy days were all happy days of occasions, birthdays and church activities.

I really have to be up on my toes so after 2-3 hours of lounging on the sofa I began working again. I checked first some acne solutions that will help my niece in her acne dilemma and then I opened my mailbox. After warming up with letters and comments I started working on due tasks and was able to finish in time. The afternoon got busy as well with me cooking our favorite pasta as afternoon snack and dinner. Well that’s the reason while I’m still working up to now!


Things to Check before the Rainy Days

Rainy season is here at last and we welcome it with open arms because it decreased the heat we suffered for 3 months. It’s still hot sometimes but it’s more bearable now than before. Well as rains will surely come every day we need a lot of cleaning and maintenance to do including gutters, drainage, roofing’s and filters to clean like furnace, humidifier and spa filters. Actually we’ve already started this day on our general cleaning project and we felt good after seeing the results. It’s cleaner and more organized than before.


My Top Droppers for May 2010

It's time to thank all people and friends who dropped by, read and visited my site. You helped me in some way and I'm so grateful about it. Special thanks to the below top droppers who most have been in the same place like month like my friend Liz. Thanks!

Dropper # of drops

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