Effectiveness of Email Marketing in Business

>> Tuesday, October 16, 2012

In these present times marketing has taken a big leap from ordinary advertising to using email as its tool to reach the consuming public. As of this date email marketing has been consistent in showing that it’s the most beneficial marketing technology available to business owners to attain customer’s attention through sales campaigns. We can see that through email we can maximize promotion, advertising and communication for further good relationship with our target clients. 

We should also notice that a lot of consumers now who receive products’ promo and email marketing spend more on their shopping because of good products campaigns and good exposure online. Now with the help of  iContact Email Marketing you can step further into intensifying your customer relationships and increasing your brand awareness through email. They provide easy-to-use tools that will help you in sending messages, tracking opens and clicks, designing emails and building lists. 

Making iContact your one stop shop solutions for email and social media marketing can save you not just time but a lot of effort as well in helping your business succeed. Look at the infographic below to learn the effectiveness of email marketing in generating brand awareness and sales, nurturing new prospects, and a lot more. 

iContact Email Marketing


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