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>> Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Can’t find the zest to work and write tasks today or maybe I was just feeling a bit tired from the chores. I tried working after lunch but I was not successful as I only did some email message browsing, answered client queries on my blog price, managed some tweets and that’s it. If only I could my blogging mojo today I would have finished ahead of my schedules again. It’s good to finish project or tasks as soon as you can because there are times that tasks are outpouring and if you’re working on due dates you’ll have pending tasks running after due time. Anyway before the last hour of the day I was able to finish one and will submit it later.


Spill 911

Our former tenant who has grown so close to us used to work in industrial environment because she finished a degree in industrial engineering and pursued a career where she can practice her field of expertise. We’re both engineering graduates but her field is very different from me. We often ride together going to our offices and she talks about the manufacturing and industrial environment to which I have no idea of. Well they’re more of textile industry and when inflation hit the country their company slowly turned to other Asian country to hire cheaper labor. She was forced to retire early rather than being sent abroad. 

Well with her other industrial plant experiences she taught me how it was inside the plant. I was overwhelmed by her work experience as mine is completely different from her. She’s now living in their province but when I read articles about her former jobs I always remember her. When a friend needed me to help her with seeking suppliers for her business needs I was able to assist her and get to browse suppliers for  safety cabinets which she needs for storing hazardous and flammable liquids in her factory.

Spill911 not only offer these cabinets but a complete line of  spill pallets, industrial absorbents, material handling, storm water control, janitorial,facility protection and safety products to minimize leaks and spills. These cannot completely prevent the spills but it minimizes the impact. With the use of these containment and  spill kits the client is assured of quality products that can protect hazardous liquids from spilling and leaking.


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