Finance Plans for the Kids

>> Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I’m supposed to drop by my former office to give my requirements for tax refund to a friend who offered to arrange things for me but the super hot weather, my not-so good back pain and plenty of due tasks changed my mind. I would reschedule it next week when I’m more relaxed and free from expiring tasks. I need to save more for my daughter’s tuition as I want to enroll her as early as this month for her entry in high school.

The school’s guidance called me up to remind me to get Ruth’s exam results. I told them if they can give it to my niece who’s studying in the same school and I’m glad they told me that they will just give it to her. I’ve scheduled my finances for my three kids which will study in 3 different schools next school year. This month of March is for Ruth, April is for Josh and month of May is for their school things, bags and shoes since Gen has no tuition fees to pay. Wish I’ll be able to follow my finance plan. More opps I think!


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