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>> Monday, September 30, 2013

Seeing how my kids would go about their research assignments makes me remember how we used to do it decades ago when internet is not yet invented and discovered. We used to do our research work using hard bound Encyclopedia in home or school libraries. My Mom would borrow one from their library when I need to search for something. It’s not that bad during those days because it always involve 1 or 2 volumes only so Mom would usually bring one to me. I owe some of my best grades on my super Encyclopedia which is not being used by kids anymore because they can get all the information via online connection. 

Now you can do your searching  just as long as you have a PC and internet connection or you can just rent an hour or two in an internet cafĂ© to finish your school tasks. Although it may seem easier now than the old times I realized it’s not because the easy accessibility of facts makes the teacher give more than the usual. 

Anyway with the advent of modern internet technology one can be updated with news locally and around the globe with just a few clicks on sites that offer and provide online news. It’s convenient and you can have it anytime and anywhere just as long as you have an internet connection and any gadget to access it and read on. Really nice! 



Career and Passion Come Together

>> Sunday, September 29, 2013

Most often we have successful careers in our life but our field of interest is different from its path.  Some of my college friends took a different field when they work because they didn’t find enthusiasm in the degree that they pursued in college.  Some like me continued with the path that our education has directed us but sometime in our working life has switched to where passion and career has come together.  

I’ve been employed with various jobs within and outside my education in college.  Experience has taught me that we can learn almost everything if we put our hearts on it even if we didn’t studied it in college.  My computer engineering degree has not taught me to work as Accounting Supervisor, Human Resource Officer and Administrative Head neither as a Customer Relations Officer.   

But it’s a different thing when your career and passion come together because it would be the perfect job ever.  Since my career doesn’t go with my passion for writing I opt to quit and choose to do what my passion dictates me.  I’m just lucky that I can do writing in the convenience of my home because there are online opportunities for those who want to make a living out of writing and blogging.  God always provides what we need.


Ensuring the Safety of My Files at Work

>> Saturday, September 28, 2013

On my two jobs online and regular office I’m always hooked to my computer as my work demands being connected all the time. Since I’m a graduate of computer course and all my work employment for the last twenty years requires me to be on my computer always I see to it that I’m protected from malware virus and other threats on my data. Security and safety is of utmost importance to me and without it I’ll be working much harder to restore important files. 

As such I always see to it that I have an anti-virus on my laptop and desktop that I’m using at work. I may have to contact an ESET reseller if I’m not satisfied with my current one because my friend recommended it as something that I can rely to when it comes to virus protection. I will try anything that will ensure the safety of my files anytime, anywhere.


What to Look for in a Search Engine Marketing Company

>> Friday, September 27, 2013

When running a small business, there is hardly time to do anything other than run the business. It is hard as a small-business owner to find the time to market the business, improve processes, implement a new strategy, or do anything new and outside of the routine. However, these are all things that are critical in growing a business. One way to grow things in a small business in an efficient manner is to find a good search engine marketing company, which can help get your business in front of more people. 

The Basics of Search a Business Owner Needs to Understand 

A small-business owner does not need to understand all of the gritty details on how to do search engine marketing. Rather, a business owner needs to know how it can help their business and some basic foundational things to help them catch the vision. The first thing to understand is the changing dynamic about how people shop today. Society is on the Internet for everything, including shopping. Even if someone plans to go to a physical location to buy, that person may do some research online first. Being found online is critical because that is where people are looking when making buying decisions. 

Second, a small-business owner should know that Google has long been the leader in search engines and currently gets around 65% of all searches done on the Internet each day. Google is the place a business has to be. That does not mean all the other search engines are worthless, but Google is the most important. Lastly, search marketing is all about relevance. If you want your website to be found for a particular term, you are going to need some relevant content on your website about it. 

With Basic Understanding, Find the Right Fit 

With the basic understanding of why it is important to be found on the Internet and that a search engine marketing company can help you accomplish that, it is time to find one such company to help you. The services and cost vary widely. Understand this one last thing: automated is the wrong direction. Ask the company you are considering using how much of their process is automated. If they tell you that much of the process is automated, keep looking.


Choosing The Best for Investing and Lending

>> Thursday, September 26, 2013

In recorded history, the first code laws for borrowing and lending were started before the 1750s BC in ancient Babylon. The code was established by King Hammurabi. Non-payment of debt received a much lighter punishment than murder or accidental death. The laws of the past paved the way for modern laws regarding investing as well as lending and borrowing that are in place today.

When it comes to the investing industry today, two types of investing are functioning. One deals with purchasing assets that have a projected eventual profit, while the other deals with economics in buying physical properties and goods. Economics and finances are big business today, and the investment industry helps to keep the global economy afloat.

Investors are the ones who helped to put corporations back together in the near-economic collapse in recent years, and individuals as well as governments provided funds for businesses large and small that helped get them back on their feet while others that were not funded and backed had to close. One example of an individual who has accomplished much in the investment industry and is known for his philanthropic endeavors is Scott Reiman. Such persons have provided the means for small and large businesses get started or boosted during tough economic times. The economy in many countries is greatly influenced by private and governmental investing.

Investing and lending is not without risk, and some risks as well as profits are higher than others. Investors generally look to the long-term outcome and plan to see a rise in gains over time. Deals are often dependent upon the right timing, and experienced investors and investment firms are skilled in watching trends and buying or selling at the right time. From such wise dealing comes a strong investment industry.

The market for investing is always expanding and growing. Still, the overall economy does greatly influence the investment industry just as investors make significant marks on the economy as a whole. This close relationship makes one dependent upon the other. Highs and lows in the industry are always felt, but wise investors closely watch the trends and utilize their experience to keep their interests secure as well as boost a lagging economy. Into the future, the market will continue to grow and expand as new investors as well as new enterprises rise to replace those that retire.


Following Quality Sites Through RSS Feeds

I’ve been following quality sites on my Google Reader and enjoying the benefits of having it on my reader whenever I want to see updates on my favorite sites. It’s a privilege for me as I love reading beautiful and relevant articles for my own contentment. It is with sadness when I learned that Google Reader shuts down because those feeds from the sites I love will never be read by me anymore. Reading articles from my favorite sites fills my day and help me somehow in getting through the odds of life. I was following inspirational sites then and it’s really a loss for me. 

Now I realized I’ll be using RSS Feeds instead as I used to do when I was just starting on my online writing. I actually follow 6 blogs of my online friends and I get the convenience of getting the feed updates on my emails. I’m happy again to follow my favorite sites through RSS feeds where I get blog articles, news, headlines and many other relevant reads that I need and want. Those news feeds from some online news sites help a great deal also.



The Value of Good Teamwork in Your Job

In every organization or business firm it's very important that staff build a strong drive to work as a team because it will create better ideas and insights to improve the status of the business.  I've been employed with several companies in the past and my observation taught me that teamwork is the best strategy in reaching company's success.  As the task is divided and shared by staff who possess different skills it opens to a lot of opportunities thus multiplying success.

It has been proved since the old days that unity is better than division and with that I remember the old quote that says 'united we stand, divided we fall' which when we think about makes a lot of sense.  More often  an organization fails to succeed because of greediness and selfish attitude among staff.  It's always better to deal with your colleagues with respect to one's knowledge, skills and capabilities. Teamwork will always be a better strategy because it promotes good working relationship.


First Impressions Do Count for Companies

First impressions are very important for businesses, especially when they are looking to attract new clients in a crowded marketplace. If firms fail to impress from the get-go, they are going to find it very difficult to showcase the value of their products or services. 

This is why companies should be pulling out all the stops when they are targeting new business. One way to create a great first impression when pitching to a prospective client or a new target audience is to use promotional products. Here are some hints and tips on how to use promotional gifts as part of your marketing campaigns: 

Promotional products work 

Research by the British Promotional Merchandise Association (BPMA) highlights just how effective promotial products can be. Not only can promotional items deliver a higher or equal return on investment than most forms of advertising, 66 per cent of respondents to a BMPA survey admitted they remember the brand name that featured on an item they had received after 12 months.

On top of this, 79 per cent said they were likely to do business with the company in the future, while 56 per cent of respondents revealed their opinion of the company was more favourable after they had received the promotional product. 


Printed lanyards are perfect for carrying passes at events and exhibitions, while they can also act as a holder for keys or cards. One of the key advantages of using promotional lanyards at a trade show is that recipients will display your brand, logo and marketing message to fellow attendees. This could help to generate extra footfall to your stand, and in turn, generate more enquiries about your products and services.


More of a seasonal gift, but that does not make them any less effective. Indeed, BPMA research has found that branded umbrellas are a very cost-effective way to achieve marketing impressions (£0.003 per impression), behind only pens and mugs (both £0.001 per impression). Like lanyards, recipients of printed umbrellas will act as a walking billboard for your brand or marketing message. This could be given added impetus if the umbrellas are used at a popular televised event such as a cricket test match, music festival or other large outdoor event. 


A perennial favourite, the simplicity and practicality of promotional pens means they will always be well received. going to be distributed to companies. Because pens are used on a daily basis, your brand, logo or marketing message is likely to be seen frequently, and therefore should resonate with the recipient particularly when they next come to think of purchasing your goods or services.


8 Ways to Achieve Storeroom Success

If you operate a warehouse, or are planning to begin using such a facility in the near future, you'll need to be aware of how vital a safe and organized storeroom is to your operation. Whether your storeroom is well laid out and controlled can be the deciding factor in your business' success.
For some top tips relating to storeroom organization, keep reading.
1) Storage areas should be the right size to house stock - It goes without saying that your storeroom will need to be big enough for the products you plan to stow, both in size and quantity. Think about all the products you stock and how often you take deliveries to ensure you have enough room for everything.

2) Keep it uncluttered - Clutter can be annoying in any situation but especially so in a working environment, where it could result in wasted time, a reduction in productivity and even accidents if things are left lying on the floor, for example. Make sure debris is removed as soon as possible and keep bins on site for general waste as well as recyclable materials like paper.

3) Label everything - To ensure your storeroom is easy to navigate, labelling products and areas is a must. If there are clear signs telling your staff where they can find things, productivity in the storeroom should improve, as workers won't have spend so long searching for stock.

4) Keep it secure - The storeroom is key to your business in more ways than one; it holds your company's value in the form of stock, and as such, should be kept secure to avoid theft. You'll need to ensure your staff have access to the room and that there are escape routes for health and safety purposes, while you might also decide to invest in extra-secure features like lockable partitioning for high-value goods.

5) Avoid trips and slips - Keeping extraneous items like ladders and step stools out of the way can be important in terms of safety, as your staff could easily trip over something left in the main flow area. Carts, trailers and steps should all be parked well out of the way.

6) Keep things organised - Invest in useful organisational items like boxes or pallet racking so your stock is kept in order, rather than simply piling things up. Piles of products can make it difficult to reach all the areas of the storeroom, or make doing so dangerous. If you have some periods that are busier than others, consider buying useful storage options like folding pallet cages, which can be used when you have a lot of stock and folded away when you don't need as much storage.

7) Install sufficient lighting - It's important that your staff can see what they're doing in the storeroom, so make sure the lighting is sufficient. As well as installing ceiling and wall lights, you might also need to consider illuminating shelf spaces.

8) Keep records - Draw up an inventory of all your stock and check it regularly to keep tabs on which items are running low or not selling. This will help give you an idea of when you need to restock and potentially alert you to issues like breakages or possible thefts. It will also come in handy should you need to make an insurance claim and provide proof of your stock levels on specific dates.


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