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>> Monday, September 30, 2013

Seeing how my kids would go about their research assignments makes me remember how we used to do it decades ago when internet is not yet invented and discovered. We used to do our research work using hard bound Encyclopedia in home or school libraries. My Mom would borrow one from their library when I need to search for something. It’s not that bad during those days because it always involve 1 or 2 volumes only so Mom would usually bring one to me. I owe some of my best grades on my super Encyclopedia which is not being used by kids anymore because they can get all the information via online connection. 

Now you can do your searching  just as long as you have a PC and internet connection or you can just rent an hour or two in an internet cafĂ© to finish your school tasks. Although it may seem easier now than the old times I realized it’s not because the easy accessibility of facts makes the teacher give more than the usual. 

Anyway with the advent of modern internet technology one can be updated with news locally and around the globe with just a few clicks on sites that offer and provide online news. It’s convenient and you can have it anytime and anywhere just as long as you have an internet connection and any gadget to access it and read on. Really nice! 



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