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>> Saturday, October 5, 2013

Promoting a site or some products needs careful planning on how to do advertising or marketing strategies for the best way of popularizing your company’s products. I’ve been involved in such strategies when I was still employed in a small telecommunications company. We did a lot of product buzz and promotion for the consumers to recognize our products and services. It’s actually hard to do this kind when your product is just new to the industries you’re offering your services to.

Anyway I’ve learned in my six years of blogging that blog comments can do a lot in promoting your site or products through blog comments where you can add a link to a site you want to have traffic. There are many kinds of blog commenting platforms also with different style and limitations as well. 

I have yet to try what my friend is using in her blog. She mentioned Disqus as a blog comment service for blog sites and for those who uses a networked platform. As like the others it has spam and moderation tools and includes social network sites as well. 

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