Patience and Temperance Helped Me

>> Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Most of the times we really need to stay cool whenever hot situation arises. I just don’t know why some people don’t know the proper ethics of good manners in corporate environment. I dislike people who don’t have backbones to stand to their mistakes and blame on innocent people who are not anymore in the loop... During my employment days I always tell my staff not to put blame on others who were not anymore employed in the company whenever they were put into not-so good situation with the boss. It’s alright to mention responsibilities but to completely put the blame on resigned employees is a no-no. They should take responsibilities for their job and if it’s not their fault try to think of ways to explain to superiors that it’s not them who handled it but will try to solve the problem in whatever way you can possibly do.

In my several years of working I can’t remember a single situation where I put my colleague in a bad light especially with my boss as sometimes your jurisdiction may tarnish an innocent person. We should be careful with the words we say because it might ruin someone’s reputation and if the words were said already you can’t put it back. With situation like this I really need patience and temperance to guide my thoughts as I’m only human and as a human I can’t stop myself from feeling hurt and disappointed over trusted colleagues that let me down.


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