Getting the Most Value Out of Your Ecard

>> Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Communication between a business and its customers is the most vital connection for any organization. With a healthy relationship a customer will always come back to the same business even when the service is worse as they feel an emotional attachment to it. This means that every communication must be spot on to keep this connection fresh and stop it becoming strained over the course of time. Corporate ecards have risen to become the most popular way of sending greetings during the year. But they can do more than just save money and time if you taking the time to make the most of your ecard by:

Personalizing it to certain customers

When you buy corporate e-cards at there is the opportunity to personalize and design them, so they not only suit your brand, but also market more effectively to your clients. It would be waste just to send out the same ecard to thousands of contacts without taking the time to personalise it to make the marketing message more intriguing and likely to bring in more business or improve loyalty.

Promoting a new service

There is no hiding that any corporate greeting is a means to end; namely to increase a client’s spend or loyalty. The rise of the digital age and ecards has made it much easier to subtly promote a new service within a Christmas greeting through adding links to the email. This is a hassle-free way of attracting customers to check out your latest offers and services in order to push them into possibly spending more without bombarding them with calls, letters and emails.

Boosting your social media network

Lots of businesses are putting a lot of stock into their social media networking just as they did networking events in years gone by. If you are looking to build your social media profile then just like promoting a service you can instead include widgets that send them straight to your social media accounts, like Twitter and Facebook; allowing them to join your conversations on a certain topic, increase your presence and level of engagement.

Highlighting your green credentials

As well as saving plenty of money and the logistical nightmare of mailing out greeting cars, corporate ecards are also vastly easier on the environment. There is no large carbon footprint or huge paper usage, which cuts down the impact on the environment around the globe. Showcasing your commitment to cutting your carbon emissions and environmental effect within the ecard can also help win new fans and cement other relationships of businesses in the same boat.


Surprise Proposals

>> Friday, December 27, 2013

I feel so lazy at work these days after our vacation in Baguio and I’m not surprised to see all office mates have the same attitude. Well it’s expected as we have only two days and it’s a long weekend again. The management told us that we can go home early which is actually their old habit in the past letting the employees have an earlier break for the holidays. Anyways since I’m early for home I got some few more time to be online I got to see some videos as recommended by DH and I’m so amazed with the recent proposal videos he asked me to watch. 

It’s becoming a trend now to think of unique ways to propose for marriage to your special someone. Some do it with the crowd, others in the mall, airport, special places, restaurants and some other areas that became special for the couple in their years of being together. I find some very emotional that made me cry but others are just regular proposal for me except that most are surprises which made them somewhat special. Well with all these proposals I know they find some engagement rings here or wherever they find beautiful and quality made rings. I’m sure makers of engagement rings are happy to see the latest trend in marriage proposal which would also make their business flourish more.


Learning Through Modern Innovations in Education

Today’s education has a lot to offer to students with desire to learn more than the basic teaching. Modern innovations in technology have reached various walks in life and education is not left behind when we talk of this advanced technology. Since my husband will also be involved in the teaching force when he graduates next year he’s well aware that he needs to learn all current updates on his major subjects. 

As he’s majoring in TLE which introduces a different curriculum in secondary schooling he should know everything about electronics, automotive, carpentry, livelihood, refrigeration, cooking, baking and a lot more. Of course music is also one of them and he’s been looking at cool recorder classroom at Musicians Friend which can help him enhance his learning experience in music for teaching his students. Everything that can guide and help in his advancement should be taken in consideration as it will enhance his teaching skills in the process.


Learning How To Treat Customers

>> Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Do your employees know how to properly treat your customers? While customer service is a broad topic and is present in a wide variety of industries, learning how to treat customers is important. If you think your employees need a refresher course on how to properly handle all types of customer service situations, it may be time to consider a customer service course.

There are a number of customer service courses available to businesses that deal with customers on a daily basis. These courses are designed for salespeople and customer services representatives that do a variety of things, including selling products to customers, handling requests and also assisting with issues that can arise. A course will help your customer services representatives with the customer satisfaction scores, the ability to find solutions and improving the overall morale within the office. Dealing with upset customers can be hard, so all of these factors can help with reducing turnover within the customer service department and also reduce overall costs for your business.

Training courses for your company can be offered through seminars, online training or in some cases, you can find courses that are brought onsite to your business so that your employees can receive training during the working day. With better trained employees, you will quickly see more satisfied customers and higher sales.


Convenient Security Locks in Offices

>> Monday, December 16, 2013

In most corporate offices now the use of electronic door lock is widely used because it offers security for the employees inside and at the same time you can see whose coming in with glass door. In my previous work we’re only few in the office and if our technical engineers are on installation and maintenance it’s only four of us who remains in the office most of the times. With the large space in our office it’s hard for us to go at the door and peek through to see who wants to come in. 

When we have the electronic door lock installed we can see the visitors from afar through glass doors and at the same time we can have the door opened as quickly as we want. We have buttons hidden behind the table to open the door and some control keys that you can use anywhere in the office. That way we’re secured and safe inside our working area. 

We’re also not disturbed if someone needs to get in or out of the office with just a single quick click. This is just the same as the petsafe dog doors which helps in getting up and down when your dog want to play outside your home. He can get in and get out as much as he wants without disturbing anyone.


Talents and Interests in Music

>> Thursday, December 5, 2013

As the kids are growing up they’re beginning to show inclinations on various interests like arts, sciences and music. Arts and music runs in our blood and I could see them not only on my brother’s kids but on my own as well. My Mom always tell me how good in singing my grandfather was when he’s younger. He also plays Alfa and was really good at it that every one identifies him with his musical instrument. He has interest in other instruments like guitar and flute but he’s the best in Alfa. 

With his fondness in musical instruments I wonder if he could resist Agazarian cymbals when he see it in his generation. Now my grandfather’s penchant for music and various instruments will only be continued with his grandkids whose likings for the same things was passed unconsciously. Well many people has told me that it could be genes and I’m happy that God has blessed the kids with a good one.


My Career and My Dream Job

>> Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Each child has a dream of  his own and even though it may not always come true some better things happen that will somehow realize it. I have always love writing that I’ve dreamed to take up journalism and work as a writer but I took up computer engineering to secure a good employment after college and be able to help my parents as well. The demand was so great then that true to my word it’s a breeze to land a job with my college degree. I have no regrets in choosing a different path from my dreams because it also realized my dream of helping my family and being stable in all the jobs that I got. 

But God has a way of making our dreams come true in His own special way and time. I was taught by my best friend to do my writing through online journal and that’s the beginning of my blogging which realized my dream of sharing my thoughts, ideas and anything that is worth writing about. It was great discovering that finally I can do my writing and share it as well globally. It was a bonus that I can earn from it. I count it as one of the blessings of God in my life. 

With my new purpose in life and a dream come true I have also augmented our family’s income. I was so blessed not just with a loving family but the opportunity of earning income at home. From then on I became contented with my career never minding if I didn’t reached the level that some of my colleagues have reached because in my heart and mind I’ve been given the best by God, a good job offline using my college degree and online job using God’s given talent to me. God is good all the time.


Maximizing Recreational Time and Honing Talents

>> Monday, December 2, 2013

I’m always busy with the demands of my work being an administrative officer in one of the projects of the company. We all know that this kind of job entails one to know almost everything when it comes to office operation and sometimes involve HR tasks, management and various administration works. Anyway even in my busy days I always have time for my kids’ need in school and some other family things that I get to witness how they maximize their recreation time by practicing their musical pieces. 

Well some of their school mates are also into playing musical instruments because their school encourages honing talents and skills. They’re even active in stage music presentations that they know using cool par36 lenses would be a great addition to achieve the right stage lighting and effects. Really students now are more active in arts, music and other extracurricular activities than in our time. Maybe technology contributes a lot as well.


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