Answered Prayers

>> Saturday, August 6, 2011

I went home from work yesterday with a happy heart because of an answered prayer from God about one of the most important application approved by a top client. I was waiting and working on it for three months and yesterday I learned that it was approved. The approval was actually a part only but I was indeed grateful for it. I know that in His time He’ll grant my other wishes. I was surprised to see plenty of commuters at an early time before 6pm but I was really in a hurry that I didn’t wait for other vehicles. I rode the first bus that arrived and didn’t mind that there’s no seat available. I don’t have any baggage anyway so I just stand and enjoyed the rest of the travel.

I guess when you’re happy you’re not so mindful of little things that can stress you and just let things pass by without so much of a thought. I saw a very good friend in my kids’ former school in nursing uniforms across the hospital she’s working at but the bus can’t be stopped so I just sent her a message that I saw her. I actually missed her so much and even think of stopping just to be with her but I saw the rains started to fall again so I stayed. I’m glad that she has successfully made it through to be a regular staff in the prestigious hospital three years ago. It has been a dream of her to work there and now she’s happily employed doing what she wants. She has fervently prayed for it and God has answered her prayers also.


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