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>> Monday, January 30, 2012

Since my daughter had her birthday this month I still haven’t bought her one of the two gifts I promised her. I already gave her the speedball lettering book she love which she’s using now to harness her lettering skills. It’s my hobby and acquired skill since secondary school and when I do some lettering on their projects she always say that she wanted to be like me. So when I finally bought her the book it’s always on her hands and patiently reading and practicing the lessons there.

Now I’m searching through music and instrument store for my other gift to her which is an acoustic guitar with a chord book. I was also thinking of adding up one music stand to surprise her. I once had a favorite music store near the university I’m studying at which has various music books and musical instruments but it’s so far from my town. I really need to allot some hours just to go there and pick from their assortment of guitars, chord books and some other accessories. 

I already called them and inquired about my specific requirements and they gave me the price. One free day I’ll go to that store or if DH is free maybe he can come with me so we can choose from recommended brands. I really love going to music stores as it fondly reminds me of my teenage years when I was so hooked with music.


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