Preparing for Summer Camp Meeting

>> Friday, April 15, 2011

It’s only few days more and we’re going to our summer camp fellowship meeting in the hills of Antipolo. I remember having the same camp meeting near Tagaytay City and preparing our 4-day church and camp things with a strict list because the location is far from city. Since the camp site is miles away from home and the travel would take us hours of travel we need to have a general check up of the car to prevent trouble in the middle of the road. 

Our Pastor is so keen about car trouble that he’s been thinking about getting a roadside assistance plan so he’ll not worry about getting help when he encountered car breakdown in the middle of expressway. He’ll be assured that no matter what happened there’s always someone who will rescue and give him assistance. This is just one of his preparations for the long travel he’ll have to make with his family next week. We’re looking forward to our summer camp fellowship and hope everything will work well.


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