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>> Thursday, December 16, 2010

I’m surprised by the profit gained from our cooperative savings because it’s bigger than my expected amount. It’s my first year to join the cooperative and I joined because my brother is also a member of it and it’s worth it. Now I have extra funds to invest on small business. We’ve started again now for another year of saving money and I’m thinking of increasing my shares so I can get bigger profit too. 

I heard a lot about American Gold Eagle Coins and been thinking about it for weeks now for investment probabilities. I learned that it’s quite expensive and it would take a big amount of money to invest on it. But who knows next time I can buy gold coins which I heard is a bankable investment from the old centuries up to this time.

Visit United States Gold Bureau and be informed of how you can be a part of their success with gold investment. Start early so you’ll enjoy the fruits of your labor.


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