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>> Saturday, November 14, 2009

I’ve found a way on how to manage my excess pounds, avoid constipation and lower my cholesterol level. It’s inexpensive and a natural way of burning fats. What I’m talking about is the fruit diet I’ve discovered not only now but few years ago. The only thing that limited me in the past into having diet was my busy schedule at work.

Now that I’m working at home I get the chance of looking for my favorite fruits just around the community I lived in which I fondly called my supplier. It’s where I get my supply of mangoes, banana, papaya and pineapple. Few weeks ago I’ve been thinking of a fast weight loss that would lessened my super big tummy because I’ve been receiving questions if I’m pregnant. I’m not that bothered about it except when it affects my health so before that happens I changed my eating habit and my choice of food. Another good thing is drinking coffee once a day only as I replaced it with tea, well not so delicious but healthy indeed.


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