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>> Saturday, November 27, 2010

Someone commented that Mom has a beautiful skin even at her golden age. Well I should say that it’s all a natural trait of Mom since she’s not having her skin treated with any products since childhood. She preferred to be simple and when she was younger and working as a school teacher she only uses face moisturizers in the morning to protect it from the harsh effect of sun and nothing more. She only put on her mild face powder and uses no makeup at all. When she retired and became so much older her skin still looks beautiful than other women her age. Now she’s commenting that I’m even simpler than her and I told her that I also want to look as simple and as beautiful when I reached her age.


Hair Care

When I attended our high school silver anniversary reunion I noticed that the boys have aged more than the girls and half of them showed signs of thinning hair in the front. Maybe that’s the reason why they looked older than the girls. Women tend to be vain in their looks and I know they care most for their skin and hair. I don’t see any girl classmate with hair problems, maybe those with thin hair problems are using shampoo for thinning hair for women. It’s really a wonderful thing for me because I also have thin hair and who knows I will need it in the future. As of now I only have one or two grey hairs unlike women my age and I’m thankful that with that I don’t need to color my hair, not yet!


Emergency Cash Loan

My cousin asked me for help on how she can get emergency cash from a lending company. I told her that since I’m working at home I have no contacts on any lending firm. She’s really in need of fast cash and I’m thinking now if I should recommend this online no fax payday loans to her because it requires no documents, no fax and no long processing time. It’s quick and easy and she’ll get it the next day after the approval. I’ll have her check and visit the site now.


Natural Skin Care

With all the beauty and treatment products in the market now people should know what to find in a product to choose the best one for their needs. I preferred the all-natural products for acne, wrinkles and other skin problems. My girls are growing up so fast that I’m preparing myself for guiding them when they reach adolescence period when they will be worrying about the sudden changes in their face and body. Well I will have them take natural acne treatment if ever they will have problems with acne or pimples. Their skin will be harmed if I choose strong products.


Careful Planning on Investment

I’ve talked to my former office mate and he asked if I’m going to pursue my meat product business. Before I finally quit my job last year I really have plans for it all. Due to my online works and busy schedule it was not put into action and didn’t materialize. I weighed all things up and I gave up on my plan of starting a small business because of time schedule conflicts. Then I just thought of investing money on something tangible so I don’t have to spend time on it. My friend told me to save enough investment money and buy gold. Well that’s a good idea but investment should be carefully planned and discussed before you really enter it. Maybe I’ll give some time for it and come up with a good decision.


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