Birthdays are Special

>> Monday, December 27, 2010

It’s almost a week now since my birthday and I’m happy to know that my friends whom I haven’t seen for so long remembered to greet me on that day! Of course my birthday wouldn’t be so special without my husband’s bunch of white roses and my kids’ little greeting cards. I’m not the kind who expects too much for a gift and even without it I’m happy. It’s the thought that counts they said so greetings or simple gestures of text, twitter and FB messages are fine. My daughter was asking me few weeks ago if I want bears for bithdays because she loves it herself. She’s very fond of stuff toys and anything that’s soft and cuddly even now that she’s a teen already. Of course I’ll love it also especially if it’s given by my loved ones. Birthdays are special days and every single thought counts.


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