:Food Friday - My Bday Cake

>> Friday, January 8, 2010

Been absent for two weeks now and even if it's late already I don't want to miss again this week. It's been two fridays that I'm absent from this meme. Just like to share with you a part of my rush birthday cake three weeks ago. I called it rush because we celebrated my birthday early morning and there were no available bakeshop open that hour except the one nearest to us. I used to have Red Ribbon cakes only for my birthday. DH and Ruth bought it for me as early as 6am. Anyway it's a yummyb choco cake and a good combination for my special spaghetti!

Happy Food Friday to all, see other yummy foods here!


Stylish and Affordable Roofing

We have good weather these days and I love having sunshine on my washed clothes because it smells so good. More and more as the days go by I beginning to feel very blessed that I can earn while staying at home because no matter what happened you can schedule everything according to your will. You just need to have patience and self-discipline to manage and balance work and house chores. I also learned that when you stay at home you’ll get hooked with your house.

It’s like seeing your house on a different perspective as you’ll get to see all roofing and checking if it will stay good on rainy days. Roofing is very important in building a house and you need to choose the one with the best quality to avoid re-roofing. I came across Ondura sheets and found that if you want style, low maintenance and affordable roofing you just have to search their site. Oh and by the way they also have Lifetime Limited Warranty so you don’t have to worry about the product’s guarantee.


Slow Blogging Pace

Sometimes it’s really hard to concentrate on working on tasks that it reaches up to its due date before I work on it. I can do good jobs even at deadlines but it feels bad having to rush when you can do it earlier. I’ve already promised myself not to do it but sickness forced me to make blogging pace slowly so I can also regain my strength. I don’t want to be hospitalized so I’m taking care of myself, getting enough sleep these days and eating proper foods mostly veggies and fruits and lesser on meats.


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