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>> Wednesday, October 31, 2012

When I was requested to help our sales department I was asked to call out prospective clients and send proposals through email. I’ve done all of these and even called some of my friends for referral but I must admit it’s either our products are high end or some companies just don’t have usage for such high quality equipment. When I’m making calls it’s ok for clients to receive emails but some of them didn’t replied back as I told them there’s no obligation whatsoever. My colleague who is the person in-charge of sales department told me that she’s gone through the same process and experienced hardship in getting appointment for at least demo presentation. 

Sales and marketing are the main components in business and it should be done with careful study and planning on how to come up with good and effective strategies in order to be successful. Of course you should also know your target customers because your email could be sent on the wrong company or person. Not all products and services are applicable for all so it’s vital to know who your target is. It’s also important to learn how you can maximize marketing strategies experimenting on how we can reach put the consuming public more effectively. 

For this Text Marketing is way ahead as it’s the best way to reach your customers any time and wherever they are. It’s also more affordable because there are packages and promos wherein you can have unlimited usage on just small amount. When it comes to assurance of fast delivery of messages text messaging is a sure quick and easy to connect and communicate with whom you want to. 

You can also use  Mass Texting which is the most affordable way to market your products and services to your customers with just the use of same text messages sent to unlimited number of people you want. It’s an inexpensive text message marketing services that’s easy to use. You just have to upload contacts, type your message and send. Easy does it?


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