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>> Tuesday, October 6, 2009

It’s nice to decorate the house indoor and outdoor areas, it makes me feel nice doing this kind of thing. With what recently happened in our house we were forced to have general cleaning in order to remove all dirt that came with the flood. Everything that flood reached became soiled and brownish in color. Anyway I rescued almost everything so there’s no worry about lost and wet documents.

Now that we’re almost back to normal and have discarded some appliances we’re decorating our house again and the best economical way to make your home a cozy and prettier one is to accentuate the living room so the house will welcome all visitors with a positive outlook in life. One way of doing it is adding up Decorative Throw Pillows to the leather sofa to bring more color. I’ve browsed some sites and I found Custom Cushion which offers Sunbrella decorative throw pillows which are really a delight to see and which can make a dull room into an exciting one.

And because they offer customized throw pillows each order was sent with specific size, color and style according to the desired requirements of the client to suit your taste and add accent to wherever room it will be placed. Sunbrella throw pillows are known to be durable, comfortable and can be used on indoor and outdoor so it’s flexible as well. Care to visit their site and see some of their products like chaise cushions, chair cushions, seat pads, bench pads and many others. I’m sure you’ll find one for your home.


10 Things You Want But Can’t Afford

This week's theme are those things we want but can't afford, actually some of my list consist also of the things that even if I can afford to save money for are not in my priority list.

  1. A customized kitchen complete with kitchen appliances and gadget which my brother who is into construction business told me that it will cost me around PhP15oT and up
  2. A music room complete with grand piano, acoustic guitar, flute and other musical instruments coupled with components system
  3. SLR Camera complete with lenses
  4. Mini bus for our church fellowship
  5. Beach vacation twice or thrice a year
  6. Vacation house in our hometown
  7. A lot for the church so we can build our own building and will not rent anymore
  8. I want to revive our coconut plantation, plant more trees and bring back its old productivity
  9. Travel to England, Paris and Israel
  10. Start my own business but as of now I don't have the time aside from finances.
Happy Tuesday guys! See other participants here!


Finding the Perfect Franchise Business

After college my objective is to find a job as soon as possible to help my parents augment our family’s financial status. I was happy that I was easily hired the day after my graduation, it was the start of fulfilling my dreams. Since that first job I transferred to four other jobs which gave me better earning opportunities and lots of work experiences. I gained knowledge from all of my jobs that I was employed and now that I’m working at home I was able to share my job experiences through my websites. I retired from employment for a better opportunity of earning online and to start a business of my own. Employment stability can give your family a decent life to live but if your income is not enough it’s better to risk sometimes and try your luck on building your own business.

A friend of mine tried her luck abroad and when she finally settled there with her family she asked me to help her make a feasibility study of her planned business. Her objective in life is to choose her line of interest and plan her business. Actually she’s planning to get a franchise Colorado since she’s going to stay there for good. She made her decision on that as franchises are easy to manage as they take care of products, marketing and the training of staff.

Well if you’re not decided what kind of franchise business you’ll get you can ask the assistance of franchise consultants who can help and advice you in finding the right franchise opportunity for your desired business. The consultants will guide you to analyze, search and choose the perfect business among the franchises Colorado . It’s better to consult the experts because after all you’ll be spending and investing your hard-earned money on it.


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