Missing My Bes

>> Monday, August 11, 2008

Grabbed this pic from Joy dear, sister of my bestfriend JennyL. It just striked me this morning that I really miss her. Because of my very hectic schedule I missed my every other Saturday visit to her which I oftenly do when I'm free.

It's nice that these days we have our instant messaging through yahoo messenger which gave us time to chat online even if we're on our work. If I want to update what's happening to her in details I just visit her 5 sites, actually it's her 3 domains that I frequently visits, Slice of Life (her main blog), Jenny Said So for her photos that I love seeing and This and That Online - her shopping blog.

And as always If I really want to hear her voice and we both have free time I call her. Talking to her on the phone is still the best.


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