Surprise Visit

>> Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I was hurriedly packing my things and food for office when we had a surprise visit from Shela, my niece and first-ever godchild from Famy Laguna. She's very close to me and now that her Mom passed away already I'm one of her adopted guardian because I'm her ninang, tita and also a friend. She was baptized when I'm only 10 years old so that makes us good friends too, too young to be her mom :-).

She's a favorite (hope some of my niece will not be able to read this or else!!! If you know her you'll know the reason why. She's sweet, funny and very thoughtful. When I gave birth to Josh 5 years ago she volunteered to come here in our house all the way from Laguna to be there for me when I arrived from the hospital. She assisted me for almost a month in her little own ways to make me feel comfortable. I have a helper then but in our house babies were cared for by my Mom and close family relative. My mom wouldn't allow my helper to take care of my kids. Helpers were just there to do household chores.

Anyway as I left for the office my girls entertained their Ate Shela by showing her photos in my pc and they read my blogs. I just talked to them online when I arrived at my work. Shela and her companion Tita Ilyang (my uncle' sister-in-law) arranged some papers here with my Mom's help and went home before 5pm.


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