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>> Thursday, March 18, 2010

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Work Blessing is a Gift from God

I’m amazed that until this time of the day I’m still not sleepy. I only had a one-hour sleep last night because of some due and grabbed tasks I can’t resist to take. Good enough for me as I’m really saving up for my kids’ tuition fees come April this year. I’m very thankful that blessings are pouring in almost everyday this week. Though my work is up to my neck I can schedule my work to beat my deadlines. I’m also happy that my pending applications are now approved.

I feel so blessed now that my decision to choose this job instead of my stable office employment has proved to be God's will because He always provides opportunities for me. I feel as if God has given me this wonderful gift of being able to work while I attend to my family's needs. Thank you Lord! I'm sharing this verse to somehow guide you in making decisions.

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Started My Healthy Meal Plan Again

I started again on taking my diet plan seriously because I feel I’m not as strong as I used to be. I don’t want to reach being obese before I make some steps to reduce my weight. As I’m feeling the need for the best slimming pill to shed off my unwanted pounds I know I can’t just take it without doctor’s advice. For three days now I had my healthy meal plan of half rice, vegetable or fish for my lunch. Then I eat silken tofu with pineapple, papaya or any other fruit for dinner.

Once or twice a week I also eat lean meat but definitely with 2 tablespoon of rice only. I can’ eat without fruits and this habit helps me a lot in maintaining my fiber supplements. I’m keeping it up at least for this week to see if I can control my cravings then I’ll try the no rice meal next week. I’m seriously pondering on taking rice only on breakfast as it’s the most important meal of the day and I can shrug it off with the whole day activities.


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