Time Out!

>> Monday, December 15, 2008

We had a nice breakfast last weekend at Jollibee, Ed insisted that I took some time out from my kitchen this weekend much to my kids' approval because they really want to go out every weekend. My kids always go with me on my weekend market and grocery, they took it as a form of lamierda. They love going to many places, small or big, groceries and malls, just as long as we're together- sweet!

Anyway my Mom had an early breakfast but she succumbed to my hubby's persuasive asking.

You know I love cooking for my family, it's quite a pretty hobby for me but it feels good sometimes when you just wake up in the morning, ride the car and order your breakfast lol!

After having breakfast we proceeded to our scheduled shopping and marketing. Oh boy I have three children with me and I'll buy three clothes for each one of them. After 3 hours of rounding up the place we were satisfied with our good buys. I've got shoes and three clothes for each of my kids and 2 for me and hubby, guess that's fine for now, I'll have some additional on other stores. I'll just have to check my list for the things needed for our camp meeting, things like extra mat and off lotion and many other protective materials for the cold weather in Tagaytay and on some mosquitoes if ever. Happy with their new things for school party and camp fellowship we finished our shopping with donuts and fruit shakes!


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